Presentation Design Pack (Bronze)


Want the PDP? Great news.

The less good news is that you need to pay for it. We’ll need your credit card (obviously) and a delivery address (also obviously!). Sorry, but there’s no alternative to filling in the forms 🙂



Want to get the Presentation Design Pack. You’re in luck!

Don’t forget what you get!

    • a set of use-cards and tips cards to structure your presentation in the optimum way
    • a small set of Tip Cards
    • rigid plastic protection box to protect your work when you travel to your presentation
    • instruction cards so you know how to use the pack right from the get-go
    • free access to detailed instruction videos
    • discount code for refill sets, so you’ll not run out

Packs are posted weekly, so please allow up to to ten days. If there’s a rush we’ll post them more often than that, just to keep on top of things. We’ll even pay for the postage, ‘cos we’re lovely, if you’re okay for standard rate and in the UK!

When you’ve ordered, you should get an email straight away to let you know everything is working as it should. Don’t forget to check your spam filter if you don’t get it! It’s important because that email will give you some magic bits and bobs for secret goodies we’ve not mentioned on the sales page, just as a thank you!

What’s it worth?

Isn’t £75 worth knowing how to design not just your next presentation, but every presentation? Seriously!

Okay then, here’s a cheap marketing gimmick! Ready? We support a number of charities and when you order a pack we’ll put 20 minutes into our “Goodwill Bank”. What’s that? Think of it as a time bank of

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