Affiliate Area (draft!)

I’m proud of the PDP and I want my relationship with you to be fair and work for everyone!?

So with that in mind, you probably want to know how you can expect me to support you if you’re an Affiliate…

How much money is involved?

It’s not all about the money but we need to start somewhere 😉
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The Presentation Pack Silver System sells for £125 and you get 50% of that. That’s £62.50 per sale! You can sell as many of them as you like, so there’s no upper limit.

Please – concentrate on selling the Silver System version. I don’t mind you selling the occasional Gold version obviously, but if you sell Bronze versions I don’t make any money out of it by the time I’ve paid for postage and so on. Selling the Bronze version as a one-off as part of a marketing idea you’ve got is fine, but don’t do it more than that. If you need to sell the Bronze it would be really handy if you’d check in with me first!

What is the Presentation Design pack?

It’s a physical product that takes people through the process of designing great presentations, right from the “OH!” of realising they need to present, all the way up to designing great slides. There’s online support.
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It concentrates on the fundamentals of getting the content right and getting the structure perfect. Feedback has been so good it’s embarrassing!

No matter how good your delivery is, if your fundamentals aren’t great, you’re wasting your time and the time of your audience and that’s where the pack concentrates. The main page explains it a bit more but that should be enough to see if you want to get involved 🙂

Is it right for my people?

There’s no point in being an affiliate if the people you help and work with won’t benefit!
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The Presentation Design Pack was created for people who aren’t speakers, but who need to speak. (Mind you, I know lots of professional speakers who use it too!). Maybe they’re starting a company and need to network or explain their idea; perhaps they’re coaches who need to tell people what coaching is and isn’t; they might be entertainers who want to add speaking to their skillset; some of them will have got a new job or been promoted and now have to present about what they do, not just do it…

The point is that they’ll be good at what they do and now they want to make presentations about what they do… or don’t want to but feel they have to! 🙂

How does it work?

The mechanics are really simple!
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Once you’re set up, you’ll get your own affiliate link and anyone who buys within 30 days of the last time they visited that link will get you 50% of what they spend. It happens automatically to your bank account and couldn’t be more simple!

What can you expect from me to help you sell?

I’ll be brutal here. I really (really!) know my stuff about making presentations but I’m new to helping people via associates, so if you find I’ve missed something, just tell me and we’ll take about it. In the meantime…
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  • Obviously you’ll get a copy of the PDP itself (the Silver System version!)
  • I’ll do my absolute damnedest to answer any questions you have about the product within two days at most during the working week. It’ll be faster usually but I want to be honest about the slowest I’ll be
  • I’ll give you images you can use to include in your own marketing
  • I’ll also give you the URLs of things like testimonials so that you can embed them into your own marketing
  • There’s a swipe file of suggested draft Copy for you to copy and edit. I’m not precious about my writing and you should absolutely feel free to modify things to suit your target market – just stick to being honest. If you’re in any doubt about being able to say something, check with me first and we’ll sort it out between us
  • You also get a list of suggested blog posts ideas and things like that
  • We’ll do a video recording together that you can use, if you like. If you’re local we can meet up to do this live but most of the time it’ll be over something like Zoom or Skype. You can this it in your marketing (but don’t forget other people will be able to watch it too). The form of the video is something we’ll discuss in advance, but typically I’d expect it to be something of an interview/chat about the PDP and why it’s useful, how I came to invent it, what my background is etc. It won’t me me telling people how to use the PDP. Feel free to edit it if you want and to do things like chop it into bits to use on social media
  • You’ll also be able to see and use other people’s videos too (but please don’t edit them – just like you can edit your own but wouldn’t like other people hacking away at yours tuff) . You can have a whole battery of video content that way!
  • I’ll continue to develop the PDP and the website, so that there’s gradually more and more material for people

By the way…

You should find all of this in a single DropBox folder – everything you need in one place. (If it doesn’t have something in you think is important, let me know and I’ll schedule it into my creation diary. It’s in my interest to give you the best opportunity to sell things too 🙂 )

What will I expect from you?

I’m sure you’re lovely… but …
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  • You’ll do a reasonable job of selling the PDP for at least six months. I don’t expect miracles but I do expect you to be pro-active. A hidden, single link on your website won’t work as well as mailing your list and posting on social media etc.
  • Pretty obviously (I hope!) you promise not to steal the content/ideas etc and not to pretend that they’re yours
  • Every six weeks or so you’ll drop me a short email to keep me up to date with what you’re doing to market the PDP. Don’t worry about sales figures etc. Firstly I don’t really care too much about them and secondly I can see them from the website. What I’m more interested in is what different people are doing that’s working, so that I can share that with other people who are struggling more than you are and so that I can see what new material I can create to help you.
  • If you’re planning “anything big” or out of the ordinary in some way, let me know as soon as you can. That’s because it might clash with someone else. I won’t tell you not to do something (hell, you’re a grown up! 🙂 ) but it might be handy to consider things in a broader perspective and we might look at a bit of collaboration.
  • I also expect you not to put the PDP onto third-party sites such as Amazon etc. (I’ll be doing that.) If you’ve got something in mind, just ask…

What should I do next?

If all of that sounds fair and you’re interested, get in touch here and we’ll have a chat!
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