Design Better Presentations

Expert? Great.
Now to present that expertise!

If you can’t remember what to say; or if your audience get bored; or if people don’t act on your presentation; or if you’re unreasonably nervous… the chances are it’s ‘cos your presentation’s structure sucks.

Don’t panic – here’s the help you need… both for designing your presentations and for keeping your nerves in check. Oh, and for helping deliver that presentation, too!

A great presentation can change your work and your life. And the basics of a great presentation is having the right content and the right structure. It’s as simple as that. Sure, other things can make it better but if you don’t have the right structure, nothing can save it.

Luckily there’s a system. It’s the system that the pros use. And now it’s a process that you can use, too.

It’s all about the structure of your presentation and we’ve put the system for creating the optimum structure in our pack!

So why is the structure so important?

Structure isn’t everything but without it, nothing else matters!


It's important for your workload...

…it makes it easier to remember your presentation and to deliver it. No more hours spent trying to memorise your presentation. Each bit of flows obviously into the next, organically. No more worrying about what you’re going to say next on stage – so you can concentrate on how you’re saying it and on how you’re audience is reacting.

Better presentations with less work? Sounds too good to be true – but I promise you it isn’t!


It's important for being understood...

…a great structure makes it easier for your audience to understand what you’re saying. That’s because they use less Cognitive Load trying to understand things (Extraneous Load) so there’s more space in people’s heads available for taking your content on board

By the way, scientists call that last bit ‘Germane Load’, and it’s critical to learning.


It's important for your authority...

…people trust more what they find easy to understand. There’s a huge chunk of research on that!

What that means for your presentations (obviously!) is that people are more likely to believe what you’re saying – and then to act on it!

And isn’t that the the whole aim and point of your presentation? To get people to do something..?


It's important for handling nerves...

…nerves cripple lots of people and get in the way of almost every presenter. But knowing your material, knowing it’s arranged in the best way and knowing you’re delivering it in a cool way all help to put the nerves back in their box.

Even professionals get nervous because nerves show you care – but controlling them is critical.

Who’s designed the Advanced Design Process? Where’s it come from?

The system was designed by Dr Simon Raybould (author of Presentation Genius). Simon has trained literally thousands of presenters in the 13 years he’s been a trainer and he’s now one of the UK’s most widely respected presentation skills trainers.

His work has taken him from Ireland in the west to Singapore in the east…

Want a little bit of the PDP's origins and history?

Simon observed what dozens and dozens of his peers were doing – the elite speakers and presenters – and noticed that they had lots of different ways of working … but underneath all these systems was a pattern, and that pattern can become a system.

And that system can be put in a box – and you can now get hold of that box!

Here’s a note of caution though… Presentation Design Pack is great, but it’s not as good as face to face training. It’s probably not going not going to make you a Presentation Genius all on it’s own. We would say that though, wouldn’t we?! The thing is, very few people (in the grand scheme of things!) need to make fantastically good presentations. Most of us need to make good presentations because, let’s face it, making presentations are only part of what you do.

And the Presentation Design Pack is perfect for that!

What do you get in your pack?

Depending on what you need, you can get the Gold Presentation Design Process (£220), the Silver Presentation Design System (£125) or the Bronze Presentation Design Pack (£75)! Gold, Silver or Bronze depends on what you do and how far you want to take your presenting!

The Bronze Presentation Design Pack is perfect for you if you’re great at what you do but need to talk about it. Maybe you’re looking to get promoted? Maybe you’ve just been promoted or got a new job? Maybe you’re running your own business? Whatever it is, this is what you need if presenting is part of what you’ve got to do in your life but it’s not the whole point of your job 🙂

Want to know what's in the Bronze Pack? Click to expand

The pack give you the peace of mind that comes with a great presentation structure – but it also comes with a whole bunch of goodies!

  • a set of use-cards and tips cards to structure your presentation in the optimum way
  • a small set of Tip Cards
  • instruction cards so you know how to use the pack right from the get-go
  • free access to detailed instruction videos
  • a discount code for refill sets, so you’ll not run out

Want to know more about the Bronze pack? Click here.

The Silver Presentation Design System is for you if you need to move on to the next level. Perhaps you’re looking to become a speaker? Maybe you need to address your company’s annual conference? Maybe you want to use public speaking regularly as a way of driving clients to your business or users to your charity or ….

Want to know what's in the Silver System? Click to expand
  • everything in the Bronze Presentation Design Pack
  • the advanced instruction book with help on advanced and alternative uses for the PDP, template structures and more ideas
  • a copy of the training booklet “Evolve Your Slides” to take your new structure to the next stage and make your awesome content look equally fantastic
  • a set of breakthrough cards with tools for when you get stuck
  • coupon for three month’s free access to HaveMoreImpact.Com – the membership site with more training courses on better presentations than you can shake a stick at

Want to know more about the Advance Presentation Design System? Go here!

The Gold Advanced Presentation Design Process is for when you’ve got the big one coming up and you need to be sure you absolutely nail it! All the benefits of the Silver package plus live, online support. Seriously. What’s not to love about this?

Want to know what's in the full Gold Process? Click to expand
  • everything in the Silver Presentation Design System!
  • coupon for twelve (12) months free access to HaveMoreImpact.Com – an extra nine (count them!) months of free access to our training courses
  • free monthly (more or less) Q&A lives on Facebook so you can be kept up to day with how to make better presentations overall (that’s effectively free training, right? And that’s priceless!)
  • a big red panic button so you can book two 45 online Presentation Clinics for absolutely nothing! (£85 each when you buy them individually)

Check it out the ultimate package here!

And here’s the big thing. This isn’t “something digital”. You get it in your hands! Posted. With a knock on the door and everything! (Yeah, there’s online videos and stuff too!)

What do people think?

Don’t jump in without checking out some thoughts from people who’ve used the system.

Ian Farrar is a professional speaker. He also does some training and runs the most successful business-orientated podcast based in the UK!

You can find out more about Ian and his work at

Natalie Paris is a trainer and speaker working across the north of England in schools and other places to improve the learning of French in the UK. You can find more about her at:

She also teaches French at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne!

Sukhee Munkchulun is the originator and driving force behind the Power Of You self development events.

You can see more about theme at

Richard Tubb is one of the world’s leading IT advisors, spending time advising around the world with online support and live presentations.

You can see more of Richard’s stuff here.

Richard just posted the Presentation Design Pack as his weekly Friday Favourite after using it for a national conference, working on his hotel bedroom!

Gary is a trainer (and speaker in the field of emotional intelligence. He’s worked with over 9000 people in the last 25 years…

…. and he got the very first pack!

You can learn more about Gary’s work here.

So what the hell are you waiting for! Get yourself some better presentations and go change your world!

More questions? FAQs and even some rarely asked ones

Don’t jump over and look at the options in more detail until you’ve checked out the FAQs. If you’ve got a question we’ve not covered, just drop an email to

Ready? Or just want more detail? To see the full range of options, check out the full listing. Or get more details for Gold, Silver or Bronze. Go on, you know you should! 🙂